• Niki Cloutman

Eliminating Pain from Birth


Society has imprinted in our subconscious mind that birth has to be painful, dangerous, long and dramatic. Think about how movies and tv shows depict birth. More often we see laboring mothers screaming at their partners, emergency c-sections, babies crying, followed by the partner passing out cold on the floor. DRAMA!

This has left woman fearing birth and has taken us away from our instincts. What we need to do is get back in touch with our primal brain and intuition.


The fear-tension-pain cycle is a concept that was discovered by Grantley Dick Read (“Father of Natural Child Birth”). In the early 1900’s, Dick-Read witnessed a poor woman giving birth naturally. Her birth was quick and what seemed to be painless. This observation was very different from what he was used to seeing. The educated, wealthy woman he treated often had long labors and chloroform was used for pain.

What did this woman have that the educated, wealthy birthing women he had observed did not?

She didn’t have FEAR!

For every thought there is a chemical or physical effect on our body. This is the mind body connection. The sympathetic part of our nervous system often known as FIGHT OR FLIGHT is responsible for FEAR which creates TENSION. When you are fearful your body sends signals to your brain saying “hey, it’s not safe! Let’s get outta here”

The FIGHT OT FLIGHT response is designed to help us survive a DANGEROUS situation. Once these SURVIVE signals are sent to our brain our adrenaline starts to kick in ramping our breathing, tensing our muscles and distributing oxygen to the legs and hands (to FIGHT OR FLIGHT). This leaves our UTERUS – the strongest muscle in our body – depleted of needed OXYGEN resulting in pain.

Fear creates Tension creates Pain

If we were in the woods and being chased by a mountain lion then this would be useful. During labor, it disrupts the flow of natural endorphins and OXYTOCIN (the love hormone) and creates tension and pain.

When our bodies are relaxed and calm, natural endorphins flow through our body and allow OXYTOCIN to facilitate contractions allowing the vagina to unfold. Labor usually progresses quickly and more comfortably.

I want to put the brakes on for a minute and say, I respect everyone and their birth preferences and experiences. At the end of the day you grew, nourished and birthed life and that’s incredible no matter what the circumstances or experiences. You are a warrior! I do find that most people seeking my birthing classes are seeking education and techniques on how to often eliminate interventions.


It is important to change the way you think about birth and learn about how the body was designed to birth. That will give you CONFIDENCE! Confidence in yourself, your body and your baby.




Education and Confidence can reduce discomfort


I am Niki and a MumMum to a Hypno Baby (2015) my calm, positive and empowering experience led me to obtain my certification in HypnoBirthing education. My goal is to share these tools with anyone who wants to hear it ultimately allowing more MumMums to have empowering births.

HypnoBirthing is a full birthing course that requires participation of mom and birth companion. During the course we will cover everything from the philosophy of HypnoBirthing, relaxation and breathing techniques, hypnosis for relaxation, labor, birth, breastfeeding and what to expect postpartum. Most people who take a HypnoBirthing course feel informed, confident and supported.

Reach out to me to find out when our next group class is scheduled for!


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